CHOOSE ME / LOLA (issue 6) / December 2015 / [EN]
Analysis of the party scene in The Smell of Us (Larry Clark, 2014).

ANALYSE AND INVENT: A REFLECTION ON MAKING AUDIOVISUAL ESSAYS / Co-author: Adrian Martin / Frames (issue 8) / December 2015 / [EN]
Commentary on our work in the audiovisual essay field.

LEARNING FROM POPULAR GENRES — WITH HELP FROM THE AUDIOVISUAL ESSAY / Co-author: Adrian Martin / NECSUS (issue 8) / December 2015 / [EN]
Introductory text to two curated audiovisual essays: Construction of a Heist (Henrike Lindenberger, 2014) and Comedy Vitti Style (Pasquale Iannone, 2015).

TWO TAKES ON STRATEGY / Co-author: Adrian Martin / MUBI Notebook / December 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay + text on Johnnie To’s Election (2005).

5 MUSICAL MOMENTS OF 2015 / Fandor / December 2015 / [EN]
Annotated list with my favourite musical moments in cinema during 2015.

GEOMETRY AND GEOGRAPHY / Co-author: Adrian Martin / Fandor / December 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay on Eugène Green’s La Sapienza (2014).

PEQUEÑAS JUGADAS / Coautor: Adrian Martin / Transit / Noviembre 2015 / [ES]
Segunda entrega de la serie ‘Las Jugadas’. Análisis de una escena de Nuit et jour (Chantal Akerman, 1991).
SMALL MOVES / Co-author: Adrian Martin / Transit / November 2015 / [EN]
Second entry in the series ‘The Moves’. Analysis of one scene from Chantal Akerman’s  Nuit et jour (1991).

SURREAL FRAMES / ICA London / December 2015 / [EN]
Three audiovisual essays on the cinema of Luis Buñuel: Buñuel and Surrealism: Revolt into Love; Buñuel in Mexico: The Logic of Delirium; International Buñuel: Interruption as Method. Commissioned by ICA London to accompany their retrospective ‘Luis Buñuel: Aesthetics of the Irrational’. Written introduction by project coordinator Will Guy + Downloadable PDF with a text by me contextualising the three audiovisual pieces.

COMING ATTRACTION / The Third Rail (issue 6) / October-November 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay + text on the two sex scenes in David Lynch’s Lost Highway (1997).

FIGURAS NUM JARDIM: O EFEITO DOMINÓ / Último Dia Todos Os Dias (pp. i-ix) / Punctum – Universidade de Lisboa / October 2015 / [PT]
Introduction to the Portuguese edition of Adrian Martin’s Last Day Every Day (2012), translated by Rita Benis.

BEFORE AND ELSEWHERE / Co-author: Adrian Martin / MUBI Notebook / October 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay + text on Chantal Akerman’s Almayer’s Folly (2011).

A MERE FORMALITY / Co-author: Adrian Martin / 16:9 / October 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay analysing one scene of Hou Hsiao-hsien’s Good Men, Good Women (1995).

THE ANSWER IS BLOWING IN THE WIND / Fandor / October 2015 / [EN]
On the consequences of neglecting sound and treating film as a purely visual medium.

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN / Fandor / September 2015 / [EN]
On Elaine May’s Mikey and Nicky (1976).

SHAPES OF RAGE / Co-author: Adrian MartinMUBI Notebook / August 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay + text exploring the connections between The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock, 1966) and The Brood (David Cronenberg, 1979).

A SEASON IN HELL / Co-author: Adrian Martin / August 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay + text. Remixing fragments of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne (Walerian Borowczyk, 1981) and In the City of Sylvia (José Luis Guerin, 2007), we create an hallucinatory descent into Hell.

FIVE POEMS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR / Fandor / August 2015 / [EN]
On the question of poetry in Nadav Lapid’s The Kindergarten Teacher (2014).

TO BEGIN WITH … / Co-author: Adrian MartinMUBI Notebook / July 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay + text about the brutal, spectacular seduction offered by a good opening film sequence.

Introduction to our audiovisual essay Phantasmagoria of the Interior (2015) devoted to Walerian Borowczyk’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne (1981).

FOUR FOR THE ROAD / Fandor / July 2015 / [EN]
On Dominga Sotomayor’s Thursday Till Sunday (2012).

BACK WITH A VENGEANCE? / Fandor / July 2015 / [EN]
On Christian Petzold’s Phoenix (2012) and the question of vengeance versus denial.

THE ANATOMY OF A ‘SAFE’ FILM / Fandor / June 2015 / [EN]
On the flaws of Peter Strickland’s The Duke of Burgundy (2014).

ESTE ES MI CUERPO, ESTA ES MI SANGRE / Transit / Junio 2015 / [ES]
Sobre The Smell of Us (Larry Clark, 2014).

STIRRING IN / Co-author: Adrian Martin / Fandor / June 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay + text analysing one scene from Hou Hsiao-hsien’s Millenium Mambo (2001).

THE AUDIOVISUAL ESSAY AS ART PRACTICE / Co-author: Adrian Martin / NECSUS (issue 7) / June 2015 / [EN]
Introductory text to two curated audiovisual essays: Carnal Locomotive (Catherine Grant, 2015) and Club Video (Philip Brophy, 1985).

PORTRAIT IN FLESH / Fandor / May 2015 / [EN]
On Larry Clark’s The Smell of Us (2014).

AGAINST THE REAL / Co-author: Adrian Martin / [in]Transition (issue 2.2) / May 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay + text responding to Sarah O’Brien’s Cinema Journal essay on Killer of Sheep (Charles Burnett, 1978).

SHORT-CIRCUIT / Co-author: Adrian Martin / MUBI Notebook / May 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay + text devoted to the system of light and communication in Twin Peaks (David Lynch & Mark Frost, 1991-2).

TELL ME WHERE IT HURTS / Fandor / April 2015 / [EN]
On Lynne Ramsay’s Ratcatcher (1999).

Texto breve sobre la escena de baile en Killer of Sheep (Charles Burnett, 1978) para el especial colectivo ‘Momentos Musicales’.

THE ART OF THE OXYMORON / Eureka-Masters of Cinema / March 2015 / [EN]
Text for the booklet of the Blu-ray of Alain Resnais’ Life of Riley (2014). 

PHANTASMAGORIA OF THE INTERIOR / Co-author: Adrian Martin / Arrow Films / March 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay on Walerian Borowczyk’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne (1981), included in the DVD/Blu-ray of the newly restored film.

TEENAGE DAYDREAM / Fandor / March 2015 / [EN]
On Jean-Pierre Melville’s Les Enfants terribles (1950).

CHANTAL AKERMAN: A PRIMER / Co-author: Adrian Martin / Sight & Sound / February 2015 / [EN]
An introduction to the work of Chantal Akerman.

BLOOD AND CHEMICALS, SURGERY AND SEXUALITY: ALL UP FOR GRABS / Co-author: Adrian Martin / International Film Festival Rotterdam & De Filmkrant (pp. 6-7) / January-February 2015 / [EN]
Text about The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne (Walerian Borowczyk, 1981), film selected by us for ‘The Return of The Critics’ Choice’.

ANOTHER WAY TO VIEW AND HEAR THE MOVIE / Co-author: Adrian MartinInternational Film Festival Rotterdam & De Filmkrant (pp. 6-7) / January-February 2015 / [EN]
Text about our audiovisual essay Phantasmagoria of the Interior (2015) initially made to accompany our selection in ‘The Return of The Critics’ Choice’.

BÉLA TARR’S REPULSION: FRAGMENTS OF A LOST REMAKE / Co-author: Adrian Martin / MUBI Notebook / January 2015 / [EN]
Audiovisual essay + text that discovers a Béla Tarr film inside one by Roman Polanski.

ZONA DE SOMBRA / Caimán Cuadernos de Cine (nº. 34), p. 72 / Enero 2015 / [ES]
Reseña del libro Zona de sombra. Notas dispersas a partir de ‘Viaggio in Italia’ (Carlos Losilla, 2014).

Reflexiones sobre la teoría y la práctica del montaje en el ensayo audiovisual.