Cristina Álvarez López (Barcelona, 1980). Freelance film critic.

This site compiles a year-by-year list of my publications (mostly but not exclusively cinema-related), both in English and Spanish (and other languages in translation).

It includes articles in print and online magazines, essays published at my blog, audiovisual essays (some of which are DVD extras), book chapters, texts for catalogues and DVD booklets, and so on. Whenever these pieces are available to consult online, links are provided.

There is also a list of my translations (from English to Spanish) of other authors, and my public events (such as lectures, exhibitions, classes, etc.).

For more of my writing (in words, images and sounds), visit my blog: Laugh Motel.

If you want to watch my little films, they are collected here.

Recently, I started a series of ‘multimedia lectures on film’ with Adrian Martin: they can be purchased here.

This site will be updated twice at year. For any professional work inquiries, please contact me at: i.am.cris.7@gmail.com.